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ProductFest 2018

Building new products and applications is key to creating digital disruption for legacy systems on a global platform. Nashik has good infrastructure, talent, and technology capabilities to build top-notch modern digital innovations for global leaders and stakeholders. This is where the Nashik Information Technology Association or (NITA) aims to collaborate with individuals and companies to build long-term products & partnerships through endless digital possibilities.

The theme of this event would extensively focus on:

Words of wisdom from renowned industry leaders and IT professionals. It would also include understanding the complete structure of product development and management that is extremely vital for any enterprise to follow whilst building new products. This event would also showcase success stories of seasoned applications and products that carved a niche in the market through exceptional ideation, skill, development, management, and marketing.

Our Speakers:

Mr. Kumar Vembu
(Co-founder and Ex-President of Zoho, Founder and CEO of Gofrugal Technologies P. Ltd.)


Mr. Vishwas(Vish) Mahajan
(Serial Entrepreneur, Founder -Whizible , Ex-Trustee at TiE Global, Secretary MCCIA, Project Mgt Guru, Investor)

Past Events

StartupFest 2018

StartupFest 2018 is an event organized and promoted by the Nashik Information Technology Association (NITA). The aim of the event is to promote the startup culture in Nashik. Focus would also be on building successful "Product companies".The event will provide insightful information to young startups and IT aspirants when leaders from Startups who have made it big today will share their knowledge and experience.

Our aim is to cover the following aspects of the Startup culture briefly. Dedicated events for each aspect may follow this event. StartupFest plans to bring success stories to the floor from real people who overcome all these challenges above and converted their startup dream to a substantially sized business today. Their inputs on the following points would be valuable for the attendees.

Topics Covered:
  1. Achieving Product Market Fit
  2. Customer / Markets for your Products
  3. Scaling the company
  4. Processes and Tools - Startups to Enterprise
  5. Speed v/s Quality
  6. Funding for the Startups
  7. Post Funding
Who should attend StartupFest 2018?

It does not matter if you are a student or a working professional or a small startup owner or already an IT company who wishes to make it big in IT. The event is for YOU because even the small, tiny or even silly thought of yours can be a huge startup business idea. The event will provide you with insight on how successful startup owners cultivated their ideas and got their dreams to reality.

Our Speakers:

Rohan Vadgaonkar
(MD & CEO of Carnot Technologies)

Rohan is a young budding entrepreneur from our very own Nashik.


Mr. Sumit Rajwade
(Founder, Digital Innovation Specialist at Stealth Mode Startup)

Ex-Vice President, Technology

Nashik IT Association is a non-profit association as an apex body of IT sector in Nashik, Maharashtra. At NITA, we aim to visualize the progressive growth and create the digital hub for IT expansion in Nashik.

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