Organisational Member

This Membership of the Association shall be open to all recognized business organisations having its operations in Nashik District and is involved in development/manufacturing/services of “Information Technology Products and Services” only, or involved in providing turnkey solutions in “IT and IT Enabled Services” and is interested in promoting the objects of the Association and who, in the opinion of the Executive Committee of the Association, have the necessary qualifications hereinafter prescribed and who has paid the Admission Fee and the Subscription Fee and agreed to confirm to the Constitution & Rules & Regulations of NITA. Each organisation shall have right to provide one representative and shall have one voting right.

Associate Member

Any person who holds a reputation for expertise in IT field and has a special knowledge of IT or has a professional experience in IT sector can on paying the prescribed fees, become an Associate Member who can be the part of association but shall have no voting rights. Any individual or organization which falls under the following categories can become an Associate Member.

  • Supplier to IT industries (Hardware/Software or Solutions)
  • Researchers or Research Organisations in the field of IT
  • Current and Ex-Policy makers or influencers from IT related Government departments and private bodies.
  • Academicians and Academic Organisations
  • Any other individual or organisations which requires period specific exposure to information technology.

Every member organisation of the Association through its representative will be expected:

  • To acquaint itself with the objectives, rules and bye-laws of the Association and to exert itself to foster and uphold them worthily.
  • To conduct itself at all times in such a way as to enhance the dignity and ethical and professional standard of the Association by his actions, behaviour, language, etc. Accordingly, applicants to membership will vouch for the same, by a declaration in the membership application form as per code of conduct appended in the application or published on the website of the association.
  • To work for the public welfare and for the advancement of information technology for the good of members and humanity.

Membership Fee

All Members shall pay a membership fee of such an amount as is determined from time to time by the Executive Committee and approved by the General Body meeting. The current membership fee shall be as follows:

Fee Structure Organisational Members (IT) Associate Members (Non-IT)
Application Fee* Rs 5000 Rs 5000
One Year Membership Rs 2000 Rs 1000
Five Year Membership Rs 8000 NA
*Applicable only during registration or re-registration for Organisational as well as Associate Membership.
*Membership Cheques to be drawn for "Nashik Information Technology Association"