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    Employability Skill Development Programme

    Industrial training by Nashik IT for 6th semester Engineering students only

    On successful completion of the training and internships, the students will be awarded a certification of recognition. Small projects and hands on labs have been planned during the training schedule.

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    11st May 2019 | Time: 3pm


    It is a basic need for all businesses now to reach global audience for sustainability and business growth.

    Venue:- Nashik Engineering Cluster, MIDC Ambad, Nashik.

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    21st November 2018 | Time: 5pm


    For individuals, IT companies , Product companies and all IT aspirants to build long-term products & partnerships through endless digital possibilities.

    Venue:- Nashik Engineering Cluster, MIDC Ambad, Nashik.

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    5th October 2018 | Time: 5pm


    For young startups, IT companies and all IT aspirants

    Venue:- Nashik Engineering Cluster, MIDC Ambad, Nashik.

  • Nashik Information Technology Association is aimed at

    on the "WORLD" IT map

    with a Visionary Approach

  • Nashik Information Technology Association aims to

    Promotes Start-up Culture
    in Nashik

    helping build next BIG Companies

  • Nashik Information Technology Association

    Unites Nashik IT Sector
    to bring Global Business

    with a benefit "NASHIK" moto..

NITA Mission

Empower the IT Industry in Nashik for overall growth and development.

Founder President's Vision

Unite Nashik's IT together to work collaboratily for collective benefits.

Benefits of NITA Membership

Exposure to industry standards and collective best business practices.

Why Nashik?

Strategically located Nashik with proximity to major IT hubs is a favourate NEXT destination.

What is Nashik IT Association?

As a non-profit organisation, Nashik IT Association is an apex body for 164 IT companies in Nashik, Maharashtra. NITA persistently catalysing the IT industry in its journey towards structuring an innovative growth sector including the transparent business modules process and expand the Nashik IT industry globally.

NITA is looking forward to making the significant contribution in strengthening Nashik IT platform with employment opportunities, infrastructure and global visibility. With an aim to unleash IT potentials, NITA is focusing on building the trust and help in setting up the strategic trend for IT sector.

NITA Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • Provide an industry platform to new start-ups in Nashik.
  • Facilitate growth through membership engagement.
  • To encourage research and development.

Our Mission

Enhance and enable IT products and service industry in Nashik and establish the IT hub for innovation and start-ups.

NITA Leadership

Why Nashik ?

Situated on the banks of Godavari River, Nashik City is well-known for its Hindu pilgrimage sites and Kumbha Mela and is called as "Spiritual Capital of Maharashtra". In addition, known as a "Wine Capital of India", Nashik is famous for vineyards and wineries including Aerospace manufacturing hub with HAL, The Currency Note Press and Indian Security Press.

Having the Spiritual background, Nashik is emerging as an investment destination for Information Technology. There is an increase in IT sector companies and the city is making its process in economical, manufacturing, textile and educational fields.

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